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20-Nov-2014, 17:18
Hello from Switzerland,
I'm sorry for my english. This is my first time on a international forum.
I have seen here so many great pictures, thats why I decidet to register.
I do not have large format but at least middle format.

I'm from Geneva and I started again on 2012 to take pictures (with a Rolleiflex 6x6).
Today I have some more cameras (Bronica GS-1 6x7 and some different Lomos).

I love the portrait and nude pictures, so I want to participate in that topics :)

Best greets from Geneva

Andrew O'Neill
21-Nov-2014, 13:49
Welcome! Are you going to give large format a try? Trust me. You'll be happy you did!

21-Nov-2014, 14:22
Bienvenu Genfer, met toi à l'aise et montrez nous ton travail,
Il' y a un tas de bons endroits pour faire de la photo à Genève, je connais la ville, ou bien j'ai eté déja à la ville.

À bientôt,


Armin Seeholzer
22-Nov-2014, 02:23
Hi Genfer

I know you from some other Forums from Switzerland, nice to see you here! This here was my first forum I was on, meanwhile I almost can't count them;-))

Cheers Armin alias JohnArs

22-Nov-2014, 07:18
Thank's a lot for your messages!

I wish I could try the large format but it is to early for me.
Unfortunately I don't have a lot of time for photography and
I still have to learn a lot about the middle format. But as soon
as my children are old enough I will try the LF :)

Merci beaucoup et j'espère que tu as bien aimé ton séjour à Genève.
Oui, cette une ville magnifique mais malheureusement j'en ai pas eu
encore vraiment du temps pour y faire des photos. Mais c'est prévu
pour l'année prochaine ;)

Hey, salü Armin. Schön bisch au ume. Ich wot ächli
mis änglisch verbässere (han scho viel verlore :().
Usserdem chan ich do unzensiert usschtelle (glaubs ämel :p).
Und irgendeinisch wot ich eh mich mit grossformat beschäftige!

Have a nice weekend (in Geneva it is grey and cold brrrrr....)!