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19-Nov-2014, 05:41
Well...it's been a few months to say the least. Finally got out to shoot some of my first sheets (4x5 Shen Hao) the second week of Sept. Then sent them to Oahu to be developed. However I did not have access to a proper scanner until tonight. Got the Epson v700 on recommendation. Stoked to finally see what I did. Vaguely remember my process, and of course didnt take notes, but here are the first results. Some curves/levels adjustments to taste. Composing via the gg is a lot more tricky than with digital. Plus the 4x5 format can be a bit awkward sometimes imo. Either way I look forward to shooting more and getting a better handle on the camera. Shots are Ilford 125 and Fuji Quickload 100 (though dont know which is which :P).

Used my Nikon D800 to 'meter'/chimp as I figured the film has a better DR than the digital I was close enough it seems.

Appreciate the help getting to this point and look forward to being a part of the community :)



19-Nov-2014, 05:59
Always exciting to see the first results. Congrats so far, your system seems to work well.

The gg will grow on you. It helps me a lot with fine tuning the composition. The image being upside down helps a lot with that too, I hardly notice it when I look at the full composition, but helps to pick out unwanted elements. Picking a place to put the tripod is a little harder. I do still frequently use an external viewfinder for some of my lenses, but you could use your D800 if you know how wide your LF lenses are and just factor in a little extra height for 4x5.

The 4x5 format comes very natural to me, a lot more than 3x2, I've always been frustrated about DSLR being only in that aspect ratio.

Peter Lewin
19-Nov-2014, 07:43
Wonderful "first exposures!" I particularly like the first and the last. In the first image, it initially looks like the man is caught in a mid-air jump, not an easy thing to do with a 4x5. Even after realizing that he is climbing the rocks, it is a fine image. And the portrait conveys a real presence of your subject. You also seem to have a very nice handle on tones, be it from exposure/development or scanner/curves. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

19-Nov-2014, 11:56
I rather like the 3rd, keep up the good work!

19-Nov-2014, 12:24
Yes I enjoy the first for exposure but 3rd for artistic forethought

19-Nov-2014, 17:11
The first and third shots suggest an interesting concept for a series of work. Nice job!

20-Nov-2014, 13:47
Much thanks all. Appreciate the words. The nude work, which is the reason I picked up the 4x5 (and portrait) has those themes that you see in 1,3. Look forward to getting out and shooting more now that I am getting a better handle on the turn around. :)

22-Nov-2014, 01:40
I enjoy them all but the third one made me laugh. How on earth did you persuade 5 women to take their clothes off and drape themselves over hard lumpy rocks, while you photographed them?

24-Nov-2014, 02:47
Ha! If you knew my work Graham it wouldnt be such a shocker :P Largest group I've had was 25 so far. Have ideas for larger. Though here it's 2 women and 3 men. :)