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Reinhold Schable
15-Nov-2014, 11:03
After 40+ years of doing things photographic, I need to scale back a bit...

Here's my collection of magazines covering the art and craft of traditional darkroom photography as published during the final decades of the 20th century.

The entire collection of 250 magazines are like new and unmarked.
Free to any organization that is willing to help preserve this extensive body knowledge on silver based photography.

The collection includes all issues from the time my subscription began until the magazine ceased production or was absorbed by another publisher.

Darkroom & creative camera Techniques ca. 1984---
Camera & Darkroom ca. 1987---
Darkroom Photography ca, 1987---
Photo Techniques ca. 1996---
Darkroom User (UK published) ca. 1997---
View Camera ca. 1997-2000 only

About 120 pounds in total (pick up, Portland Oregon area).


Robert Brummitt
15-Nov-2014, 12:32
Try Portland Photographers Forum or any school system that has an active wet photography program. Beaverton has several.