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13-Nov-2014, 03:47
Hello. I'm a registered member of Large Format Photography Forum. When I log in at the website to post messages, I often encounter a message that states "You are not logged in or you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons."

I sent a question to Large Format Photography Forum concerning this problem. Then, a moderator responded that "Usually, the reason for this is not checking the 'Remember Me' box when logging in. Doing so sets a cookie that is needed by sub-processes to know who you are and that you are logged in. Otherwise, the sub-process will often treat you as an unregistered guest. If you are using an older browser that provides direct cookie
management, the browser might also be blocking cookies from the site, causing your login to fail."

I'm using the Internet Explorer 11 and my setting accepts all cookies. Also, I check the "Remember Me" box when logging in. However, this problem continues. Has anyone else encountered the same problem?


Ralph Barker
13-Nov-2014, 18:02
Your member record is OK, so the issue still appears to be something associated with how you are logging in.

If the initial login is successful, the message, "Welcome, gorsescent" will appear at the top of the display, on the right side. Both the login ID and password are case sensitive, so if your caps lock key is engaged when you manually enter the data, the login won't be correct and will fail. On keyboards that don't have a caps-lock indicator, that can be tricky to discern.

If the login is successful (and you see the welcome message), but the error message pops up after you log in, it is possible that you didn't click directly inside the "Remember me" box. Make sure the check mark appears when you do that.

Long periods of inactivity can also result in the system logging you off, but this behavior can be inconsistent due (I think) to quirks with old residual cookies remaining in browser cache. Try refreshing the browser display to see if the welcome message is still there.