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8-Nov-2014, 15:17
Hello everyone! My name's David, and as my post title says, I'm from Portland, Oregon. I've just recently started in with LF photography on a pretty tight budget, and am incredibly thankful to my friendly local camera shop for working with me on my purchase of a Graflex Crown Graphic. I've mostly done 35mm work, but haven't had the space or resources for a full darkroom... until now! That means I have about a year's worth of developed 35mm negatives waiting for enlargement.
I just picked up a second-hand Omega B22 enlarger on Craigslist that, surprisingly, works just fine. It needs a new baseboard, but that shouldn't be a problem for me: I have access to a couple different well stocked wood shops to build my own enlarger table. It also needs a timer, negative holder, and probably some TLC.

I'm mostly going to be on here seeking advice on getting my darkroom fully set up over the next months.*I work at a minimum wage job at the moment, so budget is a big concern of mine in this endeavor. I've already gone far over budget so far, but have decided that quality in some cases is more important to me than a good deal.

8-Nov-2014, 15:20
Another Portlander? Excellent! I think you'll find a lot of good advice around here.


8-Nov-2014, 17:37
Thanks, Jonathan!

Peter De Smidt
8-Nov-2014, 19:45

Alan Gales
8-Nov-2014, 21:52
Yeah, Craigslist can be a great place to find darkroom stuff on the cheap. Welcome to the forum!

10-Nov-2014, 14:32
Thanks Peter and Alan!
Quick update: checking "TLC" off my enlarger to-do list. Short of a quick lens cleaning, there is literally NOTHING wrong with it. While a lack of negative carrier is a bit perturbing, I can at least get started making some proof sheets and 4x5 contact prints with it. The "one-one-thousand, two-one-thousand" method of timing isn't ideal, but works for the time being. *shrug*

Jim Fitzgerald
10-Nov-2014, 20:05
Welcome! I may be moving to Grants Pass next year.

Paul Cunningham
11-Nov-2014, 00:41
Hi from West Linn, Oregon!