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Taran of Caer Dallnem
6-Nov-2014, 10:47
hello everybody, I live on the river Danube, in Bavaria, Germany. I love building pinhole cameras out of plywood left from my boat modeling. I also own a Bush Pressman.
I shoot on Ilford multigrade paper, mostly. For film I use a Pentacon Six or a Yashicamat 124G, but that's too small for this forum.
I am thinking of building a 5x7 next, either with a pinhole or a Schneider Super Angulon set at fixed focus.
A few days ago I came across blueprinting (cyano prints), and stuff like inkodye and colorfast.
Definitely something else for my agenda.

I admire all the cameras you built - mine are ugly workhorses - and the fantastic landscapes and portraits I find here.

6-Nov-2014, 11:49
Welcome. I love the Danube.
:)But surely you are from Caer Dallben; Not from Caer Dallnem which must be across the border in Baden-Württemberg:(

Taran of Caer Dallnem
7-Nov-2014, 05:44
Well, I studied in Wales for a short while, I love the "Prydain Chronicles", and in reenactment I'm a 13th century Welsh archer. Hence the name.
As for Baden-Württemberg, this is a foreign country. :p