View Full Version : 4x5 Processing in Colorado?

29-Oct-2014, 16:01
I'll be moving to Colorado Springs in a month and because I've spent a lot of money on equipment to get me started in the studio I'll have to wait a while before being able to buy developing supplies. Are there any places in Colorado Springs or Denver that do 4x5 processing for an affordable cost?

Daniel Stone
29-Oct-2014, 16:22
What processes are you looking for? B/W, E-6, C-41?

29-Oct-2014, 16:33
I know I'll be shooting color. I was planing on doing C-41 in a few months after being able to buy all the materials. But I'm not sure I understand the difference between E-6 and C-41?

Daniel Stone
29-Oct-2014, 18:21
E-6 is the process for color slide(positive) film
C-41 is the process for color negative film

29-Oct-2014, 18:28
Probably C-41 then.

Peter York
29-Oct-2014, 19:04
I use the Slideprinter in Denver for E-6 and C-41, and they do a great job (http://www.theslideprinter.com). There is also Reed, which does E-6, though I'm not sure about C-41 (http://www.reedphoto.com/).

29-Oct-2014, 19:39
Thanks! I just checked Reedphoto, they actually do offer C-41.

al olson
3-Nov-2014, 12:45
I use Denver Pro Photo which carries everything I need. They have a large store and a great inventory. I am saying this although I have not been there for a year and in this business things can change. For contact:
800 South Jason Street
Denver, CO 80223
Phone: 303.698.1790
Fax: 303-698-1720 Mon-Fri

3-Nov-2014, 14:12
All three of the above stores do a good job on color slides and prints in my experience.


4-Nov-2014, 07:51
Thanks everyone.

Bob Sawin
8-Nov-2014, 10:50
I don't know what you are shooting but these guys may be of use to you if you are shooting any older emulsions:


A friend sent me this link the other day, but I have not used them personally. Does anyone have experience with them?

Mike Lease
7-Dec-2014, 00:14
Take a look at DigiGraphics in Fort Collins too. I've used them for 4x5 E-6 and 8x10 black & white, their website says they do C-41 up to 8x10. It is a little far to drive from Colorado Springs but they take orders through the mail.