View Full Version : PSA: Citizen's Photo in Portland relocating, reopening in December 2014

Paul Cunningham
29-Oct-2014, 11:37
(public service announcement)
I found out the hard way when I went there this morning to drop some film.

www.citizensphoto.com (http://www.citizensphoto.com/)

29-Oct-2014, 12:30
Thanks for the update!

Moving to a new location w/ a temporary suspension in service is certainly better than closing. ;^)

I count on Citizens to develop my 4x5 e6 film, since no one in Washington state currently does it. When I travel south from Seattle on hiking trips, I usually stop at Citizens to drop-off film, then pick-up when I'm on my way home.

Good people.

We’re Moving

Yes, we are moving. After 40 years of business in the Citizens area of SE Portland, we are moving . Our new address will be 3040 NE Sandy.

With the deadline to have our 6th street location vacated by October 31st, the last day to pick up orders is Saturday, October 18th. Monday, October 13th was the last day to bring in film for processing.

Our target re-opening date is December 2014. Stay tuned for updates and information regarding our re-opening.

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
29-Oct-2014, 13:38
Didn't they move a few years ago?

29-Oct-2014, 14:29
Yippee! That's about two miles closer to my house than the old location. Thanks for the heads up.


29-Oct-2014, 15:22
Good to know. I just got back from LA and was about to send them some sheets.

neil poulsen
29-Oct-2014, 15:36
I've been going to Citizen's for years. We're lucky in Portland to have a dip and dunk for 4x5 negatives and transparencies.

I should have stopped by today; I was only a couple of blocks away.

30-Oct-2014, 21:42
They're such good guys and I'm so glad they found a new location.

2-Nov-2014, 21:42
I wish them all the best! I went there in 1982 while visiting a friend in Portland. Very impressive.
Glad to hear they are still in biz!
We need to support the real camera shops/labs.

Paul Cunningham
24-Dec-2014, 09:17
The latest from their website.
"Due to permit and construction delays our re-opening date has been pushed back to January 2015. Stay tuned for updates and information regarding our re-opening. We look forward to seeing you in our new location."

24-Dec-2014, 10:43
I have a backlog of negatives that I was hoping to get out to these guys this month. However this has convinced me that a trip to Vancouver to see Alastair Inglis' gas burst system is in order....

neil poulsen
24-Dec-2014, 12:49
Glad to hear that you're reopening. :)

I've driven by the location a couple of times, and the space has been pretty empty.

Jim Fitzgerald
24-Dec-2014, 14:32
I will have to check them out. Looks like I may be moving to the Vancouver Washington area in 2015. Checking out homes on line and will have some trips to the area in February and May. I will retire and teach full time, Carbon transfer in the PNW!

Paul Cunningham
5-Mar-2015, 09:11
The latest, and some good news:
"We will begin moving into our new location this week. Stay tuned for updates and information regarding our re-opening. We look forward to seeing you soon."
It must be difficult to be without customers for months on end. I'll be heading there very soon.

5-Mar-2015, 09:19
Yes, they are reopening but they have had a lot of issues with permitting for their new building, so the move kept getting pushed back from January, to February, to March now.

I'm really glad they are coming back! With Digicraft shutting down in December, a lot of people I've talked to were afraid Citizen's wouldn't come back either. Luckily Portland has so many film photographers that it's still worth keeping the business open.

Paul Cunningham
8-Apr-2015, 10:58
They are now open again. I plan to drop by today, perhaps.

8-Apr-2015, 15:22
I just dropped off seven sheets of 4x5 (C-41) and should be able to pick them up on Friday. It's been a long wait, but it's good to have them back.


Paul Cunningham
8-Apr-2015, 15:24
Didn't see you, just dropped a roll of c-41, also for Friday.

8-Apr-2015, 15:26
Yep I drove by last weekend and it looked like they were just getting ready to re-open. It's a nice space, on Sandy and 30th, just past the Les Schwab on the right as you are heading away from downtown.

8-Apr-2015, 15:37
Paul, I was there at around 2:30 or so. We probably just missed each other.

The space is new, but the Citizen's "shaggy" spirit is already in evidence with photo supplies and other related items stacked about the place. It felt instantly familiar once I walked in the door.


20-Apr-2015, 21:29
Just drove by and got a look at the posted hours. Monday to Thursday 8-5, Friday 8-6, Saturday 10-3.

Sigh. Going to be difficult for me to get film developed there. Going to have to drop off on Saturday and pick up a week later. Great for retirees, students and basically anyone without a regular job. Wish it was Wed through Sunday 8-6 or something, if they don't want to be open seven days a week.

Paul Cunningham
20-Apr-2015, 21:37
Fishbulb, if you live near West Linn I might be able to help out on occasion.

neil poulsen
21-Apr-2015, 07:34
I've been going to Citizen's for years. We're lucky in Portland to have a dip and dunk for 4x5 negatives and transparencies.

I should have stopped by today; I was only a couple of blocks away.

And 8x10! Stopped by last week, and they're open for business.

Their hours are pretty typical, similar to what they've been previously. Saturday is an option for those who can't stop by during the week. Imagine the delay, if one had to ship out their film.

21-Apr-2015, 08:29
Actually that's not a bad idea. I should just mail them film to develop. It would save me a brutal trip across town at rush hour racing to get there before 6:00pm on a Friday, or save a Saturday where I have to hang around in town until 10:00am to stop by during their mid-day window.

12-May-2015, 12:20
Citizens has posted a new, updated website: http://www.citizensphoto.com/

For those out of the area, they can develop film by mail, and that they can develop up to 8x10 color (E6 or C41) and up to 11x17 for black and white.

Paul Cunningham
18-Oct-2015, 10:14
They are developing E6 as often as 3x per week. Service has been great and prices reasonable.