View Full Version : Large / Medium Format Camera Repair in NYC

27-Oct-2014, 13:10
Hey All,

If you didn't already know, I'd like to inform you all about a new Repair Shop in NYC called Camera Doctor. Here we repair, service, and customize all types of vintage camera equipment including Deardorff, Graflex, Speed Graphic, Pentax, Mamiya, Rolleiflex, Hasselblad, and some Leica. We also repair newer equipment from Canon and Nikon, but our niche is Vintage Equipment and have been in the repair business for over 20 years working for various companies and now for myself. We are located in the heart of NYC's Midtown area and we are associated with the Penumbra Foundation where they teach Wet-Plate Photography. if anyone is in need of repairs / custom work, please keep us in mind!


In the pics: A Rolleiflex in surgery, a Pentac lens mounted to a Hassy CF lens barrel, A custom made Graflock back for an 8x10 camera, modified Polaroid back installed on a Super D

* I did ask permission from one of the Mods before I posted this. We appreciate the LFP Forum for letting us put this post up here. thank you!