View Full Version : new flickr licensing?

20-Oct-2014, 17:48
I've got Flickr Curator as a follower now and also have been invited to participate in "Flickr's new licensing offering".

Has anyone else done this?

I know the old Getty program they had was crap and apparently it was for them too. Is this any different in terms of pitiful earnings, etc..? I'm not out to get rich or make a living, but it intrigues me.

austin granger
24-Oct-2014, 19:18
Hi jp. About a week ago, as a kind of experiment, I agreed to participate in the flickr program. I haven't had any activity yet, and so I can't say I know the answer to your questions, but if I do suddenly get rich off of flickr, I'll let you know. :)

austin granger
24-Oct-2014, 19:24
Oh, for anyone interested, here's a link with more info:


There's a FAQ section there as well.

24-Oct-2014, 20:22
Thanks. My primary concern was clicking OK would make everything of mine theirs to sell for pennies or something. I communicated with them that some images I post I'd rather not have them commercially available, and it's apparently decided on an image by image basis by me, should they desire something. I don't expect to get rich either.

austin granger
24-Oct-2014, 21:06
After you agree, they tell you specifically which images they're interested in, and then you can say yes or no for each individual image. As for the money, I have no idea. I imagine a lot depends on who wants the picture and what they want it for. The thing that made me waver the most was not knowing exactly how the pictures were going to be used. You can imagine some scenarios where you wouldn't want a picture hawking this or that, but as I said, it's an experiment for me. You can always bail out if things go badly.