View Full Version : What are these used LF lenses going for?

Daniel Grenier
30-Nov-2004, 09:55
Many of you guys know this but I sure don't. So here goes. What would be a fair price for the following used lenses? I am planning to either buy or sell some of these so hence my asking. This would private sales prices as opposed to store sales and assumes lenses in shutters and in fine condition with no serious flaws.

10" / 250mm Kodak Wide Field Ektar (Ilex)

14" / 360mm Kodak Commercial Ektar (Ilex)

240mm Rodenstock Sironar N (Copal 3)

360mm Rodenstock Apo Ronar (Copal 3)

480mm Rodenstock Apo Ronar (Copal 3)

165mm Schneider Super Angulon (Copal 3)

Thanks for sharing your knowledge of the used lens market folks.

30-Nov-2004, 10:02
Keh.com has a form to let you request trade-in value on equipment to then.

That and searching Ebay's completed auctions..

John Kasaian
30-Nov-2004, 11:38

Your Ektars, if in excellent or mint shape should fetch anywhere from $450 and up in a private sale. Retail you can expect to pay $600-700 in fine condition at the big outfits. For lenses with a few cleaning whisps in working shutters you can sometimes find them at retailers for around $400(and IMHO well worth it even if you factor in a cla!) Condition is really everything when it comes to putting a price tag on these even though they have a cult-like following(nope, the 10" WF won't turn you into an instant Ansel Adams nor will the 14" Commercial make you a Karsh-oid, but these are nice fast(for LF) and BIG optics that are excellent performers if you do your part.) Also, if you have the slip on series filter adapters for these big guys that should boost the price up approx $30-40 easily. When shopping around for one remember the Ilex Universals require a "long throw" shutter release as they are self cocking and need the extra oomph! My opinion, YMMV.