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6-Oct-2014, 20:08
My mac mini doesn't have a cd drive so I downloaded the driver for os 10.7.5. (I'm afraid to install 10.9 after reading about issues people are having). The printer (epson 3880) is hooked up using ethernet since it's too far away for usb.
The option for ABW printing doesn't show up in the print options. There are people printing ABW mode with cs4 according to my research. Anything else I've found online doesn't help this computer illiterate photographer.
What can I do?

7-Oct-2014, 09:01
And my print window doesn't have nearly as many options as what I'm seeing online. I'm away from my desk this week but will post screenshots this weekend if that helps.

7-Oct-2014, 09:33
Vinny, I found this on Adobe's help site regarding the problem with Epson's 3880.

Andrew Rodney Mar 13, 2014 10:35 AM

Is there a way to start from scratch in the driver settings?
Here is the Epson-Apple driver fix hocus pocus which is to delete all instances of Epson printers from System Preferences>Print & Fax.

Then go to /Library/Printers and toss the whole Epson folder.

Toss LFP Remote Panel (IF you are using this utility for your printer).

Then reinstall drivers.

When you go back to Print & Fax to add the printer, on 10.6 I had to wait almost a minute before the IP version of the printer showed up, whereas the Bonjour one shows up right away. Then add the IP instance of the printer. This is for printers on a network.

Then re-install LFP Remote Panel if you use it with this printer.

9-Oct-2014, 06:10
thanks Jac, I'll look that up tomorrow.

11-Oct-2014, 12:31
Jac, I tried your suggestion and the IP version of the printer showed up but that hasn't changed anything. I can see the LFP remote panel but it doesn't open when clicked. I guess I'll be calling epson.

11-Oct-2014, 13:47
Sorry about the that. If you find the fix, please share it with the rest of us.

Very Best,
Jac Stafford