View Full Version : Upgrade on Nik Collection breaks Photoshop

25-Sep-2014, 03:38
I upgraded my Nik Collection on my Win 7 box that also has CS6 Extended and it broke CS6 !

I wonder if anyone else is also having difficulties with Nik Collection ?

There was an NVidia upgrade too but I also had a Nik log file break out to 40Gig so that I couldn't save my scans. I deleted the Nik log file to get back to some sort of order.

The Nik software seems a bit of a disaster and Google hasn't made too many changes on it either.

Hmmm. Could it be that Google just went and purchased a bunch of software and they haven't employed the manpower to keep it running ?

That sounds like a Microsoft thing to do.

26-Sep-2014, 09:52
Haven't tried latest, but i have snapshot from moment when they just sent out full collection to all the prior users of Nik products. Ran it with CS6 without any problems on OSX.

Oren Grad
30-Sep-2014, 21:08
I have Nik Collection on my Windows 8 machine with CS6. From the set I've spent serious time only with Silver Efex. It's a bit crash-prone, but it hasn't "broken" anything.