View Full Version : Who knows what feedback is?

chang tao
21-Sep-2014, 22:40
i know its a really stupid question to ask but hey, i just don't know it so deal with it. Is feedback something you debate when you believe their thinking is wrong? This is for my Advisory project (body map) and i need the answer ASAP. Please and thank you

Peter Mounier
22-Sep-2014, 00:08
Feedback is just a comment, not a debate, about something or anything. For example, feedback to you would be that your question sounds fairly abrasive when you ask for a response to your question, and tell me to "... just deal with it". A different kind of feedback would be a suggestion, such as; you might get more responses if you had left off that part about "... just deal with it", since I don't really have to deal with it.

You may have said that in jest, but being on the internet, it's hard to tell since there is no voice inflection, or body language to observe, or sense of who you are and whether you have a sense of humor or not.

22-Sep-2014, 09:41
Any response about a presented subject? Or is there something I am missing here?

22-Sep-2014, 11:35
The Feedback Forum is for commenting on or asking about the operation of the forum. It is not for debating anything.

As to the general definition of "feedback", it is simply a comment offered in response to an expressed idea or plan.

Rick "asked and answered" Denney