View Full Version : Where to get stamp for reverse side of photo ?

Ken Lee
14-Sep-2014, 07:35
I'd like to get a stamp to use on the reserve side of my prints, with room for information like title, date, paper, ink, signature etc.

Can anyone recommend a source for this sort of stamp ?

Kevin Crisp
14-Sep-2014, 07:38
I ordered mine from a rubber stamp on line place, it came a few days later. Google for rubber stamp. If you have a traditional "stationary store" near you, I am sure you can order one that way too. Then you need archival ink...

Kevin Crisp
14-Sep-2014, 07:39
I might have been this place I used: http://www.rubberstamps.net/

Keith Pitman
14-Sep-2014, 12:00
UPS store, Office Max, Office Depot?

When I bought one, they screwed up the first edition including spelling my name wrong. Better to buy locally if they screw up the first one.

14-Sep-2014, 12:57
Then the question becomes the archival nature or lack there of in the ink used. :cool:

16-Sep-2014, 07:15
On the question of inks... which do we use so it will last and, more importantly - won't show from the front or bleed and cause problems?

16-Sep-2014, 07:30
i got mine and an embosser from a rubber stamp place.
not sure if they exist anymore except online ... this was 20 years ago
in a place that was near melina cass blvd+ mass ave in boston
kind of behind where that prison is now ...

Renato Tonelli
16-Sep-2014, 09:21
Got one from Simon's Stamps Inc.


Fast turnaround, good quality. They also sell the archival ink.

19-Sep-2014, 19:19
If you're not concerned with archival ink, Vistaprint or Office Depot make affordable custom stamps.

Bill Burk
20-Sep-2014, 08:11
Do any of these places offer real vulcanized rubber pressed from bakelite molds impressed from lead type?

Or is it all photopolymer these days?

I guess I'd settle for Cyrel.

Ken Lee
20-Sep-2014, 12:57
I've decided to just keep using a pencil. Simple, archival.

21-Sep-2014, 12:52
You have to use alcohol based inks on some RC or standard inkpad ink may not dry. I gave up on stamps, too much hassle. I use paper I can print on the back now.

21-Sep-2014, 14:10
Another option is to include with the print a "authentification certificate" printed on a good quality paper.
This will give info about the print and the author.
More info will be included and this will be easier to read than if this was written on the back.
On the back it can be only the sig, the title and the year produced with pencil or Pigma Micron Pen.