View Full Version : background question

Thom Bennett
28-Aug-2014, 15:23
I find this kind of background very interesting. Any idea what this might be?


28-Aug-2014, 15:36
Brushed steel or aluminum?

Jim Jones
28-Aug-2014, 15:39
Perhaps painted metal sheets on free-standing frames intended to be used as reflectors, but here used as background.

Richard Wasserman
28-Aug-2014, 15:39
Looks as if it could be rectangles of sheet metal nailed to either an open frame or plywood and then given a finish of some sort. I'm guessing that it was maybe glazed with a transparent glaze that would be used in faux finishing.

28-Aug-2014, 15:44
WHAT background?

28-Aug-2014, 20:05
Tin sheets nailed over a frame (on feet, presumably with a back support so they don't fall over). I'm guessing they were spray painted with a matte varnish to cut down on reflections of lights & photographers.