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11-Aug-2014, 09:47
:) Cameras of the Past owner, David Thornberry, personally delivered my 8x10 studio camera with a brand new hand-crafted conversion wet plate back along with a holder for wet plate as well as an assortment of different- sized frames. I was more than pleased with his work, and he very capably matched the wood finish to the camera. He is very committed to maintaining authenticity to the era of these cameras.
In the past, he made a light weight portable darkroom box as well as my first wet plate starter camera. I use the portable darkroom box frequently and I would be lost without it.
David replicates vintage cameras in various sizes and wood types, depending of his customers’ needs. I highly recommend Cameras of the Past for your camera needs.

Liquid Artist
15-Aug-2014, 02:28
How about a photo of his work, even just a cell phone image.
I wouldn't complain about some of the fine details too.
I couldn't imagine any craftsman delivering anything right to my door, but then again I don't live in a major center.

15-Aug-2014, 11:21
It's good to have another camera maker. Two wetplate camera companies (of 3-4 in recent years) have gone out of business.

Ken Lee
15-Aug-2014, 11:45
Thanks for this information. I am moving this to the "Resources" section.