View Full Version : Some speed graphic shots Ft. Atkinson NE

7-Aug-2014, 14:20
I love photographing re-inactors. Ft Atkinson was the westernmost fort in the early 1900's It billeted 1200 soldiers was a a substantial part of the U.S. army at that time. Ft Atkinson is approximately 20 miles north of Omaha. Photos were taken with a speed graphic with HP5+ and developed in Ilfosol 1:14 for 11 minutes. I scanned the negatives with an Epson 750.

7-Aug-2014, 14:34
Nice and well done! Which lens did you use? Thanks.

7-Aug-2014, 16:57
Kodak ektar 127mm

7-Aug-2014, 18:21
Love the tone.
Very nice~