View Full Version : A New Source for Anti-Reflection Glass

Jon Shiu
1-Aug-2014, 16:53
I saw on another site that Frame Destination is offering an AR coated glass for a reasonable price for the 16x20 inch size I use, about $21.



Sal Santamaura
1-Aug-2014, 21:39
I recently ordered and received a sheet of that (non-UV-absorbing version) glass from them. It's a great product and Frame Destination appears to be a solid company. This was a test to check out a couple of things related to such glazing after I became dissatisfied with Tru Vue AR.

It's only a sample of one, but I found the Water White Anti Reflective to be free of any transmissive color cast, effectively suppress reflections and, perhaps most importantly, had clean cut edges in the custom size I bought. Recent Tru Vue AR has turned up with a pink cast and local frame shops just can't seem to cut it without jagged edges. I was concerned about UPS delivering sheets of glass, but Frame Destination packaging was very robust and no damage occurred. Overall a very good experience and a firm I recommend.

Peter De Smidt
1-Aug-2014, 22:18
I've order a number of frame kits from them. It's all been very well packed, and they ship quickly.