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30-Jul-2014, 17:05
Hey guys, so I'm on a trip and I'm traveling through Nova Scotia and New Brunswick back to the United States, this is sort of one of those trips where I went to see my best friend get married and now I have time to travel, but I'm basically going to be living out of my tent and my car on the way home.

This is me sort of reaching out to see if anybody is interested in getting together to geek out on some film photography, I'm a large-format shooter as well as medium format and regular old tiny format film too.

I also would be interested very much so in having places to maybe take a shower and clean up a little bit, I brought enough clothes to basically make it all the way without having to do any kind of serious laundry or anything, but it certainly would be nice to have a shower every now and then. Even better would be a couch to crash on, but I won't push my luck ;)

Thanks everyone! Hope to maybe meet a few Canadian APUGers!

I'll be up here basically August 1st-15th making my way from Nova Scotia, up and over through New Brunswick and down to Maine.

Let me know!


PS: I don't have phone signal, but will be stopping at wifi spots to check messages here, but you can also email me stoneiiiphotography@gmail.com if that's easier, I do have an iPhone so I can use iMessage as well as Kik app or google handouts, just message me your info and I'll add you on whatever your preferred communication is.

1-Aug-2014, 12:54
Bump* if you have an iPhone you can also iMessage me just PM me the email associated with iMessage. Thanks!

1-Aug-2014, 16:31
I'm not aware of any members in that area, but I know there's a lot of beautiful coastline.

2-Aug-2014, 04:21
I'm not aware of any members in that area, but I know there's a lot of beautiful coastline.

Sure are! Shot about 6 8x10's and 6 4x5 sheets and a 6x12 roll if 6 images yesterday! It was a devils day haha but it was awesome!

3-Aug-2014, 21:42
Thanks for the sharing.