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28-Jul-2014, 16:53
A subject which comes up with some regularity on this forum is concern for the unauthorized use of images and copyright infringement. Copyright law is the basis for legal protection of intellectual property. For some of us, our creative works, indeed our reputation, no matter how judged by others, may be only thing, other than our families, of true worth in our lives. I have posted a few times on this poorly understood subject, when appropriate, and occasionally attempted to bring it to offender attention where I have seen it. What I did not ever feel it necessary to post, until now, was reminder in no uncertain terms that my images, fine art, or otherwise, are not available for retransmission, alteration, or defacement, without my express permission.

A few days ago a thread was started by a member who seems of late to specialize in links to sensationalistic headlines. The linked story of a death in a remote location was terse and not very informative, and the OP's summation dismissive. I took it upon myself, based on personal experience in the location and solely as a cautionary tale to others visiting the location, to provide reference for some of the circumstances responsible for the event in order to make others aware how irrevocably, harsh conditions deal with the inexperienced, unprepared, and unfortunate alike. As is occasionally my custom, a scanned image of a photographic proof was uploaded to provide additional context for my relatively brief posting of words. The import of the image, being the preeminent feature of the preeminent early Fremont Culture gallery and in no way unique, is that more than likely it was the very image that the unfortunate soul had been seeking, and perished attempting to obtain.

Soon after posting, the tenor of the thread made a hard left into humor, based solely on my image. I went along with, and even appreciated, the "fun" up until the uploaded image was commandeered by another member, literally defaced, and re-uploaded with my original image, purely to make absolutely, and unnecessarily certain that we all "got" his joke. His joke, my image. I was never under the impression that the alteration of my image was ever intended to be anything but "good fun". That is not the point. The point to be made, unequivocally, is that one cannot have the sanctity of their images respected, if respect isn't accorded others'. To engage otherwise is nothing but hypocrisy, if not a one way street of mutual respect. That applies to everyone, amateur to professional, no matter where, no matter how one purports themselves. Unless one owns the rights to an image, has permission to use it, or it is in the public domain, there is simply no excuse for the use of images not one's own – especially, naturally one would hope, of colleagues' images within a photo forum. While it is not my desire to tell anyone how to conduct themselves personally, alteration and defacement of my work for any presumed unauthorized purpose, including any perceived 'fair use' arguments, clearly crosses the lines of decency and respect in this forum, if not actionable legal remedy.

Images are the main reason for the popularity of the internet, not words. I have in the past included an array of fine art print, proof, and personal imagery within postings to where it has seemed appropriate that images might speak more eloquently than reams of mere words. It does seem as though I am in a minority in that regard. It actually, and this may come as news to those who never post their own images, takes extra time and care to invest an open forum post with appropriate visual media. I have always been under the impression that a photography discussion forum might be a very appropriate place to use photo imagery, if for no other reason than adding interest and breaking up the monotony of so many words. It was further assumed that such images would at least be respected for their intellectual rights, if not any perceived artistic value. Failing that, I acquiesce to the vulgar and, for purposes of protecting my own rights, have scrubbed most of my uploaded personal and associated jpegs, leaving only those linked publicly to my site, for now. Regrettably, to avoid any further "misunderstandings", future postings, if any, will no longer include images of any kind.

evan clarke
28-Jul-2014, 17:44
If everybody woild make photographs instead of images, this problem wouldn't exist..digital..blech..

David R Munson
28-Jul-2014, 18:45
I'm sorry it happened, but that strikes me as one hell of an overreaction.

If everybody woild make photographs instead of images, this problem wouldn't exist..digital..blech..

And if everyone would write letters and talk to each other in person instead of using the internet, this forum wouldn't exist.

28-Jul-2014, 18:50
Sorry for your troubles with this ROL. I can empathize.

28-Jul-2014, 19:35
It's perfectly natural to feel indignant about what happened, and I'm certainly sympathetic, but it might be more useful to point out the forum's official policy than cry foul and share long, huffy opinions.

The FAQ link at page top leads you here:

What about Intellectual Property Rights?

By submitting materials to this site, you you are representing that are you are the owner, or are authorized by the owner to do so. As a consequence, all the material posted in this site is assumed copyrighted by their respective authors, and shouldn't be reproduced without permission and proper credit by any means, including framing. The site doesn't claim copyright to any material submitted by readers. However, by submitting materials to this site, you grant an irrevocable royalty-free license to the maintainers of this site to publish that material on the largeformatphotography.info site. The maintainers of the site are not obligated to remove posted material, should you request it, but may do so if it does not conform to forum guidelines. No other rights are granted. The site will not use your materials without proper attribution to you, nor will it edit them in a way that would misrepresent your intent.

If I remember correctly, the moderators addressed your concern in timely fashion.

The system works, and you'll be okay.

28-Jul-2014, 19:44
Since copyright has been cited:
Particularly this section:

I haven't seen the posts referred to, but it certainly sounds like the above might apply.

Greg Miller
28-Jul-2014, 20:24
Allow me to join the conversation, and point out that I am the person who precipitated this thread.

Copyright law can be very nebulous, especially when it involves concepts such as transformation, derivation, and parody (and those with good memories will recall that I have been a staunch supporter of respect of copyright on this forum).

And despite the title of this thread, I believe that is not the point here. The point is that it is abundantly clear that ROL took offense to my actions, and for that I apologize.

28-Jul-2014, 20:50
Here guys...

Just shot this project last week. You are welcome to use my images freely for non commercial purposes.



28-Jul-2014, 21:25
Wow, now I want to see the post referenced...

And speaking of Juggalos, I feel compelled to pass on this link. NSFW, as is with the link from Iluvmyviewcam...

Leszek Vogt
28-Jul-2014, 22:07
OK, OK, but where are the monster trucks ?


Jerry Bodine
28-Jul-2014, 22:35
The scary part is that they all look old enough to vote!