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26-Jul-2014, 17:35
How would you tone this image?:


I shot this last week on my trip to Yosemite and Bodie on Fuji Acros with a 240mm Rodenstock Imagon lens and its shown printed on Ilford Art 300 paper. There were a couple of clouds above the church as evident on the negative and except for the very light “smudge” appearing at the lower left of the roof at the back of the church, the sky printed almost paper white as if it was shot with orthochromatic film. I wonder if that is characteristic of the lens in certain lighting situations? I had just shot this and was getting ready to break down when a small cloud blocked the sunlight falling on the church eliminating the shadows and contrast and, thinking that I might thus get a better picture, immediately adjusted the shutter speed for the “new” light and took the above before anything had changed.

The toners I have available are KRS, KBT, Form Sepia Sulfide, and the chemistry to make Dupont 6-T and a few others.

Oh, this is a "bad" print in that I accidentally bumped the easel or didn't insert the paper in straight so the church is tilted (I forgot to remove the print used for focusing after I removed the carrier to wisk away a small dust speck that was trapped inside and ended-up trying to do two things simultaneously with both hands). But not all is lost as I will use it and another work print for testing with the toners.


Bill Burk
26-Jul-2014, 18:08
I was going to say Selenium since that's what I do for everything... But this would look good in sepia

27-Jul-2014, 09:52
Well that's two votes for sepia so far and I think that I will try sepia alone and with Selenium. I'm mixing a batch of Nelson's Gold now but from past experience gold has very minimal effect on this paper. It may turn out that no tone would be the best. The next time that I print this negative I'm going to try grade 1.5 as it may remove all traces of the clouds.

It's a good thing that my trip was last week end and not this one: A fire in the park has shut down Hwy 120 at Crane Flat to 140 and the valley is completely filled with smoke.


Dan Dozer
27-Jul-2014, 12:19
I've become a big fan lately of Thiourea toner as a substitute for Sepia. However, don't use the bleach as full strength - it's pretty strong stuff. I like the look with partial Thiourea and a little Selenium, but be careful as the colors can change quickly.