View Full Version : Transparent background scanning on Epson 750 Pro

Big Fish
25-Jul-2014, 08:12

Can you scan a BW negative film (4 x5) or an old glass plate negative ( 6 x8) that will have a transparent background so that just the
positive image will appear. The desired results is for either exhibition or book publication that the viewer would only see the actual image and the film/glass with a selected background
color. For example, the image and film/plate on a light grey background. Can you do without cropping?


25-Jul-2014, 08:17
If you use an image processing software that allows layer blending, then yes. The particular image must be susceptible to the effect, for example having a white background otherwise you must use masking like they did in the red-lith days.

Big Fish
31-Jul-2014, 12:21
Thanks Jac...

I have used Silverfast but don't really like( especially when scanning old glass plate negatives) it so I just use the Epson software which seems to fulfill my needs.