View Full Version : Lens repair in Vancouver

Simon Benton
12-Jul-2014, 08:52
I am in Vancouver for 3 weeks visiting a daughter and need a lens cleaned internally to remove haze. Can anyone suggest and recommend a business in Vancouver who could do this in a speedy manner. Any information gratefully received.

Andrew Plume
12-Jul-2014, 10:55
Hi Simon

can't help you directly but Alastair Inglis who assists the LF community and who advertises over on apug, might be a reasonable place to ask/start etc etc

enjoy lovely Vancouver



Andrew O'Neill
14-Jul-2014, 08:13
Give Horst Wenzel a call. He does excellent work. (604) 263-5820

17-Jul-2014, 14:02
Yes. Horst.

20-Jul-2014, 18:07
Horst is definitely the guy for that.