View Full Version : Lab recommendation , Tybee Island, Savanna Georgia

Dave Wooten
17-Jun-2014, 10:23
Any film labs available in the area? 8 x 10 b/w - color

bob carnie
17-Jun-2014, 10:34
You can send to me , NC you still have lots of credit here.

Dave Wooten
17-Jun-2014, 13:58
Bob ,
Thanks so much!

20-Jun-2014, 06:48
Hi Dave,

Though I'm not sure about Tybee Island itself, in Savannah, Bay Camera I think would be able to help out. They're on Habersham http://www.baycameracompany.com/

After that, you may want to try WolrdWide Camera across from Oglethorpe Mall on Abercorn.

Hope this helps. Though SCAD typically takes care of their own development/printing, I believe some students outsourced locally when I was there.

Dave Wooten
20-Jun-2014, 07:01
Thanks all,
Getting my ducks in a row. Trip will probably be in the fall.