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rich caramadre
5-Jun-2014, 07:11
Hello, I am going to be in NYC june 19 - 24. I was looking for any photo exhibits or galleries to visit while I'm there. Also which museums have good photo exhibits. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks, Rich

5-Jun-2014, 11:33
I'm not sure if there are any photo exhibits going on, but check out the Smithsonian's site to see what's going on. In DC, we have around 19 Smithsonian Museums..not sure the number for NYC. Entrance is free.

Peter Lewin
6-Jun-2014, 05:00
Here is a good website listing NYC photographic exhibitions. Go to "Events" and in the filter box, click "NYC": http://www.photographmag.com/.

Another much more general site is the NY Times "events" listing at: http://www.nytimes.com/events. This listing covers a huge variety of things going on for the coming week, so you should take a look just before you visit NYC. Scattered in among the listings are usually some of the larger photo exhibits, especially those at the larger museums.

rich caramadre
7-Jun-2014, 19:48
Thanks. I'll check them out.

7-Jun-2014, 21:15
There are always photo exhibits in NYC; more than anyone could hope to see. photographymag is the most comprehensive source. It's also worthwhile to check out the permanent collections at MoMA, the met, and maybe ICP. They have other kinds of art too! Wandering Chelsea can be fun. If you go on an evening when everyone's having openings it's a zoo, but you can see lots of stuff from the great to the ridiculous, in a setting so dense it's practically a mall.

10-Jun-2014, 19:29
check out jen davis at clamp art in chelsea, richard renaldi at aperture gallery, check out the reviews on this site for more info: http://collectordaily.com/

the metropolitan museum is amazing, and the admission is suggested--don't feel bad only paying a dollar for admission.


11-Jun-2014, 05:43
if you are going on the nyc transit ( south ferry station 1 line )
you can see the work of the starn twins, its a permanent installation
in the station

11-Jun-2014, 20:10
check out int'l center of photography, midtown...

there are picture making opportunities all over, but 2 great photo venues i made some great pictures at include cathedral of st. john the divine, uptown, west side. and the cloisters, also uptown... google them.

wish i was going!


rich caramadre
11-Jun-2014, 21:24
Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm looking forward to my visit. I have not been to NYC in 18 years. I love Utah but culturally...not so exciting.