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4-Jun-2014, 16:28
Ok, here's a new one. I got approached by a wallpaper company that wants to use patterns and textures from some of my recent work. Not computer wallpaper ... the stuff they paste and roll onto walls. This sounds like a dubious honor ("we'd like to play instrumental versions of your new album on our elevators!") but I think it's a great idea. And funny.

I have no idea how to even start a conversation about licensing fees. Does anyone have any experience that might be even borderline relevant? I looked in Mary Virginia Swanson's book and didn't see anything like this.

Thanks for any ideas.

4-Jun-2014, 16:40
I looked in Mary Virginia Swanson's book and didn't see anything like this.


…sorry, that was the only borderline relevant thing I had. :o

4-Jun-2014, 17:27
Register and shop it at Getty, they'll have some ballpark numbers - fotoquote might have something as well. Post at ASMP pro advice (open forum) you'll turn something up there.

4-Jun-2014, 18:44
This may have been common in the 1920's both Steichen and our very own from Hamilton, Margaret Watkins did this.

Brian C. Miller
4-Jun-2014, 19:40
Income is income. Tell them it sounds like a nice idea, and what range did they have in mind?

I see from a Google search that there are a number of companies offering to make custom wallpaper murals for you, but I'm sure the company that approached you is not one of them.

Did you ask them how they found out about you?

4-Jun-2014, 19:50
Thanks guys. I think I'll see what they offer so there will be some numbers to compare. Looking at Getty seems like a good idea. I just want to make sure their offer is reasonable.

They found my work when it got published in the curbed new york blog, or else in the dailymail uk.

13-Jun-2014, 14:43
Hi Paul,
I have no practical information for you.
I just wanted to say, I had a look at the "Domino" project again, my first since it appeared on your website, and I am even more impressed now.
It's a fantastic piece of work, and you were very fortunate to have been granted access; kudos, sir!

QT Luong
25-Jun-2014, 14:50
Instead of a one-time licensing fee, consider a royalty agreement, with maybe an advance. 5% is fairly standard. This is what I did with a wallpaper company. It is more lucrative in the long run if your image turns out to be popular.