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31-May-2014, 07:02
I found a great source for amber/clear/blue glass bottles. Not lab grade quality glass but excellent storage bottles. No minimum orders too!
examples; 1000ml amber bottle $2.08
250ml amber bottle $.73

You get the idea.


John Kasaian
31-May-2014, 17:28
I still have a more than adequate supply of amber bottles courtesy of a pharmacist who saved his old Robitussin syrup bottles for me back in the 1970s, but if I lost them all I'd need more so this is good info to know!:)

3-Jun-2014, 15:59
Since we're on the subject, I went to the local thrift store today, looking for some glass bottles for wet plate chemicals.
For $5, I bought a variety of larger bottles, all between 750mL and 1,5L in size.
I had no such luck with smaller bottles, though.

Kevin Crisp
3-Jun-2014, 16:11
I've been using their bottles for years, quality is great, the tops seal and so far they don't wear out.

3-Jun-2014, 16:11
I keep my E6 chems in 1 pint (550ml) beer bottles with vacuum stoppers in them. As I was buying the beer anyway the bottles were free. And if I need some more, disposing of the beer is no hardship. For very small bottles I have the ones my kids paracetamol medicine comes in.

For 750ml bottles drink some wine. If you need larger then go onto magnums of champagne, jeroboams etc.

3-Jun-2014, 18:07
I used to use vodka and gin bottles to store wet plate chemicals. However, the last time I did this was with an absinthe bottle. I cleaned it with denatured alcohol but starting having issues with the chemical I put in it. After dumping it out I inspected the bottle and found thick slime on the inside of the bottle. After that I decided to stop being cheap with the recycled bottles. There are some expensive chemicals that go into those things!
Good call on the beer bottles Dave, here's another website I found with great prices for beer bottles, some with the EZ cap attached.


3-Jun-2014, 21:27
My favorite screw top, quart size, brown bottle is $1.95.... comes full of Coors Light...
When I'm done with the bottle, it's still worth 5 cents !

Peter Collins
12-Sep-2014, 07:13
Now, seriously.

4-liter brown glass bottles are free for the asking at environmental labs. That's how I got mine. Smaller (1-liter) available, too.

13-Sep-2014, 09:08
Those brown glass reagent bottles (and the clear white ones as well) are normally made of a hard. low-solubility glass that won't leach into the contents. Great containers if you can find them.

Consumer-grade bottles are typically a softer glass, although unless you are storing Rodinal for years fragility is probably more of an issue than solubility.

Randy Moe
13-Sep-2014, 10:11
Late to the game again, and I just bought 4 dusty brown bottles from B&H. At least I got free shipping.

Perhaps I can assume they are clean...inside.

David A. Goldfarb
13-Sep-2014, 11:31
Those brown glass reagent bottles (and the clear white ones as well) are normally made of a hard. low-solubility glass that won't leach into the contents. Great containers if you can find them.

Not hard to find at all. I just bought a half dozen from this source on Amazon:


When we moved earlier this year, I tossed most of my assorted old bottles, and since they seem to stay in the darkroom for years, I figured I might as well replace them with the right tool for the job in the new darkroom.

15-Sep-2014, 13:01
I didn't mean to imply that they were hard to find, only that it is nice to find them empty, clean and free (and preferably not previously used for something really obnoxious).

After all, for enough money, you could buy them full of reagents, and then discard the contents... :(

Greg Davis
16-Sep-2014, 04:49
I just bought two 1/2 gallon (2 liter) brown glass bottles for $3 each at my local mega-liquor store. Empty and brand new. They call them "growlers".