View Full Version : Renting out darkroom?

23-May-2014, 22:23
Has anyone considered renting out their darkroom on a commercial basis, and checked regulatory/legal and other business issues? I am considering renting out my darkroom in addition to my photo studio space to practicing artists and photographers and was wondering if there are any special considerations for the darkroom rental. Any insights, tips or experiences welcome

24-May-2014, 03:42
There have been rental darkrooms in my area on and off for a long time. Some have been independent, others have been connected with schools, a YMCA or a municipal parks and recreation department. Like any business, someone needs to be there when it is open. So, how many artists would want to use it in the evening to do work after their day job? How many artists would like to work on one or both days of the weekend? Those times would seem to be the times when you or someone you pay would have to be there.

Jim Jones
24-May-2014, 04:29
It may be no worse than renting out one's bedroom.

Randy Moe
24-May-2014, 09:52
I would like to go on sabbatical for a few years and rent out my darkroom, studio and living space, which are all one loft

But first I would need to strip out my personal cameras. Get a giant insurance policy and vet some grad student better than most police.

Then I would probably want more than a grad student could afford.

So it's probably a really bad idea.

24-May-2014, 15:16
It will be for just one person per day, and I'll be hanging around anyway since I live nearby. I rent out my studio space on a daily basis already so I was considering allowing my darkroom to be rented out too. I already hold occasional darkroom workshops or "printing parties" for up to 4 friends at a time so I was considering the commercial possiibilites. I don't think my insurance co would have a problem with it...

Richard Johnson
24-May-2014, 15:35
Fixer contamination of things you don't want fixer on would be my first concern ;-p

24-May-2014, 17:11
I'm pretty fixer-contaminated as it is :)

Seriously, are there particular business concerns that I should watch out for? Regulatory issues? Thanks

24-May-2014, 18:01
Insurance, especially liability, likely to be an issue.

Bathroom? Might impact toilet seat as well as handicap accessible. (Not joking about seat.)

Do any of your own electrical? Could be a violation.

Of course these issues apply to studio space as well.