View Full Version : One time announcement Littman 45 new Page and Products

19-May-2014, 15:24
maintained a .com website littman45single.com
from 2001-2012.
When all of our cameras became one of a kind custom editions in 2013 the website was no longer useful to our project .

This is now the new official and only page to our project


We have introduced a few new products and a new series of affordable cameras in anticipation to the release of new 55 a a 4x5 film that is an alt
ernative to Polaroid type 55.

Also the Littman 34 single which shoots Fuji 100c with considerable gain due ti having perfectible parallelism as well as the worlds first 80 megapixel rangefinder camera powered by Leaf with accurate coupled cropping and rangefinder focusing to 1.5 ft 80 digitar.

This will be our one and only announcement

Because of endless pointless arguments about tech patents and other nerdy stuff
a lot of time was wasted and will not go make the same mistake twice so Ive posted a link to our page and any future info or announcements can come from users. thank you