View Full Version : <Soft Focus> PortLand, Hyperion, and Mirroscope lenses in a Garden of Delights

Jim Galli
12-May-2014, 22:43
tailstock, oilcan, gloves (http://tonopahpictures.0catch.com/2014_Work/CampbellFoundry051014RudiBlondia/GardenOfDelights1.html)

I spent a full day Saturday the 10th photographing with our own Rudi "Amedeus" Blondia at the Kelly foundry using the soft focus lenses. 3 pages of images. Do hope some of you will enjoy.


Jim Fitzgerald
13-May-2014, 07:16
Jim, awesome images as always. Mirroscope? Love the look.

13-May-2014, 09:43
Fabulous images Jim, showing once more the different characters of the lenses and why one of each is so much fun ;-)

I need to bring my 8x10 Sinar out next time and shoot some of my larger SF lenses for a different look ... there's a limit of what one can capture of all the "soft aberrations" on a "crop sensor" like the 645 even with the short focal soft focus lenses I'm using. This said, I'm extremely happy with what I got ... can't show it here but I'll provide a link to my blog when they're up and you'll see them trickling through on my FB account as well

13-May-2014, 10:29
I don't think there is another way to capture the mood of the place, and the tools of the past, than soft focus. I really like the Mirrorscope lens shots the best, along with the Portland at F22 for some reason, probably because I do like a little contrast and the tones are nice. Good journey you two took us on.

Jim Galli
13-May-2014, 10:35
Thanks Garrett and Jim and Rudi.

Rudi, when you get some of yours organized I can incorporate links to yours on my pages and vice versa.

Andrew O'Neill
13-May-2014, 10:38
Nice glowy, dreamy quality... and none of those awful swirls!

Mark Sawyer
13-May-2014, 11:19
Lovely work, Jim! Yes, those old lenses sing with beautiful voices, but you found a setting with just the right acoustics... :)

I really like the Mirrorscope lens shots the best...

I wouldn't argue that, and it's wonderful that the lens of a cheap tin magic lantern stands so comfortably with the Port-Land and Hyperion, two of the legendary soft lenses.

14-May-2014, 07:08
Oh, for the days when one of Jim's shoots would premier with a gala festival with Hollywood starlets, be in all the news, and be the talk of the town for weeks. Where have all the soft focus flowers gone....?

Well, I still like them!

Jim Galli
14-May-2014, 07:30
Where have all the soft focus flowers gone....?

Me 'n Pete Seeger fading away . . .

Harley Goldman
14-May-2014, 07:50
Real nice, Jim. And what a fun place to spend the day.

14-May-2014, 11:13
I like the "Jack Hammers tool room" photo the best. I could have some fun in there with a camera and soft lenses too!

Jim Galli
16-May-2014, 20:29
Thanks for the nice comments everyone. Always appreciated. Rudi has started posting some first fruits from his camera here (http://amedeusphoto.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/5/about-yosemite-and-tonopah).