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Dan Fromm
10-May-2014, 11:16
USP 8,676,045

Disclosed are various embodiments of a studio arrangement and a method of capturing images and/or video. One embodiment of the disclosure includes a front light source aimed at a background, an image capture position located between the background and the front light source, an elevated platform positioned between the image capture position and the background, and at least one rear light source positioned between the elevated platform and the background. A subject can be photographed and/or filmed on the elevated platform to achieve a desired effect of a substantially seamless background where a rear edge of the elevated platform is imperceptible to an image capture device positioned at the image capture position.

What? No prior art mentioned? Surely this trick has been known ever since the electric light was invented.

Oh, yeah, the patent is assigned to Amazon Technologies, Inc.

Randy Moe
10-May-2014, 11:31
We need a revision of patent law.

Never going to happen...:(

Dan Fromm
10-May-2014, 13:13
Apologies to all for starting this thread when there's already one, viz., http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?113369-Amazon-files-a-lighting-patent

Moderators, feel free to delete this thread.

Drew Bedo
13-May-2014, 08:55
Remember the patent fiasco over converting old Polaroids back in the early 2000s? Several patents were issued to one person who tried to prevent anyone else from doing it. That never really went anywhere.

I don't think the patent office really reads the application as long as all the boxes are checked so to speak.