View Full Version : How to get URL of images hosted on Flickr ?

Ken Lee
1-May-2014, 10:19
How do we get the actual URL of an image that is hosted on Flickr ?

Thanks in advance :cool:

Peter Mounier
1-May-2014, 10:59
I think I just figured it out.
Go to the "share this photo" link and click on the BBCode and copy the link.
Somewhere in the middle of that link are the tags. The link between the tags is the image (as you know). That string ends with "_s". I believe that "s" stands for "small", which is what you get if you try to open the link in a separate window. Replace that "s" with a "b" which stands for "big". When I did that, my photo opened at the size I uploaded.

1-May-2014, 14:13
Go to the photo page
Click on the menu with three dots ... where you can select 'Download/All Sizes'
You will see all the sizes available. Right click on any of them to get the URL

Also be aware that if you are embedding or displaying an image hosted on Flickr you are required to also include a link back to the original flickr page. So if you are putting it on another site you should be using the embed code.

_o on the filename is the link to the original size uploaded. _b is the 'large' 1024px size.

2-May-2014, 14:05
For posting on forums, using the provided BBCode is definitely best practice - it links back to an image's Flickr page, per Flickr's community guidelines.