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11-Oct-2004, 16:41
I was just wondering if anyone has had direct finacial dealings with Mr. Fuming at Shen-Hao. I am interested in buying some equipment directly from him. He has given me his account details in Shanghai and asked for a wire transfer. Has anyone done this? Is this safe? I live in Australia and do not know of anyone who stocks Shen-Hao equipment here. Also, I hope to by-pass the middle man to save money.

Another question. I have read Kerry's review of the Shen-Hao DAYI 617 back in Viewfinder. Is this now advertised as the SH617 Art Panorama on the Shen-Hao website? It looks slightly different, and there is no sign of the auxiliary focusing unit in the pictures. The few words written on this product don't make much sense to me. Does anyone have any further information on this back?


11-Oct-2004, 16:56
I purchased a 5X7 Shen-Hao directly from the factory via a bank transfer and there was no problem. The camera shipped on time and arrived in pefect condition. To give you an idea how things move in today's world the camera, which was shipped via Fex-Ex air service, left Shanghai on Friday afternoon and arrived at my home in South Carolina on Monday morning before 9 am.

11-Oct-2004, 20:29

I have also realised the difference on the Shen Hao 6x17 back illustrated on their web site compared to what Kerry has used (day1 or what ever) and I am also keen on this back. But I guess you have to mention this in a new post to get proper feed backs.

Andre Noble
11-Oct-2004, 22:17
Sandy, if you don't mind my asking about what did it run you for the Shen Hao 5x7?

What's you impression of it, build quality, etc.

Did you price their 8x10?


Dave Moeller
12-Oct-2004, 03:52
I've not had direct financial dealings with Shen-Hao as I bought my camera in the US, but when I needed a part replaced I emailed the link on their web site and the part was mailed, without charge, almost immediately. The impression that I get is that this is a company I'd be comfortable dealing with financially.

12-Oct-2004, 06:56
"Sandy, if you don't mind my asking about what did it run you for the Shen Hao 5x7?
hat's you impression of it, build quality, etc.
Did you price their 8x10? "

The Shen-Hao 5X7 is roughly based on the Ebony design and has more or less the same movements, bellows draw, etc. It is made from teak wood and titanium metal. The Shen-Hao is well made, though not as well as the Ebony, but then it costs only about 1/4 as much. I like the titanium metal a lot but the teak wood, though attractive and very stable dimensionally, is not as hard as ebony, mahogany, cherry and walnut so it nicks easier. Out of the box the camera movements were a bit stiff but I used some "huile de jojoba" at critical points and it is now very smooth. Overall I consider it a lot more value for the money (more movements, more bellows draw) than the Tachihara 5X7 which is in the same price range. The only negative is that it is a bit on the heavy side, coming in at over eight lbs but it is rock solid, even with the bellows fully extended . One thing I particulary like about the camera is the very positive way the movements lock in when everything is centered

As I recall the price of the camera was $1080 and I paid another $80-100 for air shipping from Shanghai. I only purchased directly because no one in the US distributes the 5X7 Shen-Hao. I believe that Midwest is distributing the 8X10 model, which I did not price.

Andre Noble
12-Oct-2004, 08:38

Thanks very much for taking the time to provide that info and description. I'll have to find a way someday to save for one. I am a big fan of 'bang for the buck'.

PS I've been recently been messing with PyrocatHD for roll film Kodak TXP in Jobo at slowest rotational speed. Very encourage by low general stain an overall results so far.

Jacques Augustowski
12-Oct-2004, 22:47
Hi Sandy,
Can you please inform their website or phone number/

13-Oct-2004, 04:21

eric florentino
5-May-2007, 21:34
don't forget the dash between the "shen" and the "hao." without it, you end up in another chinese site altogether.

Ted Harris
6-May-2007, 04:33
Regards the 5x7 and 8x10. I believe there are actually two variants in each size. One roughly based on the Ebony, per Sandy and the other based on Dick Phillips design.

Neil Purling
6-May-2007, 05:05
I have looked at the site.
I see that along with the Rodenstock lenses on their site there are two apparently Chinese lenses in Copal shutters. They are a 150mm and 180mm both of f5.6 max aperture. Anyone know if they are "home-grown" or re-badged product? given the quoted angle of view they seem like Tessar types.

12-Jun-2007, 05:10
it's a seagull lens. i read it from somewhere that given the price of both lenses, it's not worth it. might as well get a rodenstock

Gary Tarbert
6-Aug-2007, 05:10
Hi Travis,I have a 5x4 shen hao c/w with art panorama back,the back comes complete with focusing attachments & masks for 6x9,6x12&6x17.
Got mine from Badger Graphics could not fault their service and price was very competetive(and they ship to Aus).cheers Gary

6-Aug-2007, 05:24
This is an old thread.

If you're just buying the camera it makes no sense to buy direct. Unless the model you want isn't sold by Badger.

OTOH if you're padding the order with odds and ends buying from the factory makes great sense. I'm not sure how much I saved on my 8x10 order since some of the items aren't sold by the dealers but I guess it's close to 20%. If I had just ordered the camera it would have cost more because of the higher shipping.