View Full Version : C-41 and RA-4 Users In SF Bay

25-Apr-2014, 10:41
Long shot I know, but if there are any C-41 and/or RA-4 users in the Bay Area, lets get together so that we can share expense on supplies that require ordering volume.


11-May-2014, 08:55
Got a few empty 11x14 paper boxes w/ the lightproof wrapping in good condition? I need about 5.



Drew Wiley
12-May-2014, 12:01
Other than critical testing on some whole new exposure and printing techniques, I probably won't color print at all this year. My paper supply is good, but I've got a lot of lab reorganization to do, plus paint the outside of the house before El Nino hypothetically hits. I've also got a nice 20" roller processor or I don't know if I'm going to ever use or not, since I now have a backup drum unit. It's kinda in the way right now.