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16-Apr-2014, 16:42
Well, it is about time I introduced myself to your forum, having posted a few things here and there since a few months.

I am a sinner; I mean that I do not use large format.
But I can appreciate all the steps leading to the finish artwork and the only thing I can say is 'Thumbs up!' for keeping the tradition alive.

Speaking of tradition, I am also involved in yours.
Argentix.Ca was launched 2 years ago to help keep the silver-based photography alive, providing the films, chemicals and papers via my web-site.

To the ocean of this art, I only added a few drops since then.
From the beginnings, with merely a dozen of different items, Argentix.Ca kept growing, with your support.
These days, the site offers close to 2 dozens of distinct film developers, confirming the variety of needs and tastes of the real-world.

I recently made public the Special Order Service, and I sincerely hope it will be useful in the planning of your replenishment.

I look forward to read your comments; maybe you will convert me to the LF-world! ;)

To mod: If I ever crossed the line of conduct or the politics of this forum, please let me know.

Andrew O'Neill
16-Apr-2014, 22:34
Welcome, Jacques. Checked out your website earlier today and quite pleased to see you have Rollei IR in 4x5 at a very reasonable price.

18-Apr-2014, 18:01
Hello Jacques,

I was thinking initially that Racine is far North, like near Rouyn Noranda! no it is near Sherbrooke, to give an idea of your location to all members here.

Last week, I bought some "exotic chemicals" from Jacques and next day the package was at my local Post Office! Argentix assure the Canadian distribution of Fotospeed products so I give a try to their fix, toners, etc. and also to the Legacy Eco line. For us canadians many products are hard to find, expensive to had it shipped in Canada, ORMD restrictions, etc. etc. so you are very welcome on this market.

I decide also to give a try to others VC papers than Ilford so I ordered some Adox MCC and Variotone.
Papers are almost a big headache (11x14, 16x20, some 20x24 in case) so I ask to Jacques about roll in small width like the Kentmere had in the past, a 20" roll and some days later he found this size in the Foma Variant III VC FB line! and offer it now in his Special order section.

I think his new "Special order section" will be like we will request for, don't hesitate to ask and exchange ideas (and dreams) with Jacques, he is really a true gentleman.

Andrew O'Neill
18-Apr-2014, 19:31
I will definitely be making use of of Jacques' website very shortly! Hey, Ginette, Habs lead series 2 games to nil!

19-Apr-2014, 08:25
Hi all.

To make things even more precise, I live within a 5 minutes-drive to where the snowmobile was created. Bombardier, now renamed BRP is still assembling snowmobiles and ATV there.

Your exotic stuff is the trigger to what Argentix.Ca is now; it became impossible to get these specific products to the store I was addicted to at the time. This store, as many others, had envisioned the death of silver-base products and rushed to the new digital-age material. I just said goodbye to the store manager, and sat down in front of my computer. You see the results today. Not so bad...

I also got a source for Moersch products that is making it viable for me and for you.

I wrote it in a forum somewhere, and I repeat here : I am driven by the various exchange rates, US, EURO, British. The goal is to be competitive with the US prices, and I think I am on the target.

As Ginette stated, I found Foma Fomabrom Variant 111 in a very interesting format. 20 inches X 84 meters - roughly 3307 inches-long. It could yield to around 206 16X20 or 137 20X24 (these numbers are for the single specified formats and do not represent any possible combinations in-between, which are numerous). Very interesting product at that price.

AND YES, let's exchange ideas and dreams. Ideas may become expensive, but dreaming is free.

By the way Ginette, your written English is not as bad as your signature may imply!

Happy Easter, everybody!

Take care.

1-Jul-2015, 13:44
Last month, I had the opportunity to deal with Jacques at Argentix.

To say, that it was a pleasant experience... Would be a definite understatement.
I have nothing but outstanding things to say about Jacques and the 'Quality of Service' -- That he provides!

Because, of all of the Shipping Restrictions these days (*from the USA to Canada)...
I was worried that I might be unable to obtain some of the 'Bulk Chemicals' -- That I was requiring.
So, I placed an Order and an additional 'Special Order' with Jacques.

Within a scant two (2) hours, I had an Order Confirmation from Jacques...
Stating that I would be able to obtain All of the items that I was in need of -- Except for one small item (*ONLY due to Shipping Restrictions). Needless to say... I was 'Extremely' Impressed!

From Communication to Packaging and Shipping (and everything in between)...
Jacques has you completely covered!

The quality of service that he provides... Is definitely comparable to the service that stores like Photographers Formulary and B&H give you (*But with that 'extra personable' touch!)

Keep up the great work Jacques. Highest Recommendation!!!

Best regards,


Oren Grad
1-Jul-2015, 14:21
This is really a commercial self-introduction. But the products offered by Argentix may well be of interest to our members, as may the opportunity for our Canadian members to do business with a supplier on the same side of the border. So we will move this to our New Products section.