View Full Version : Oh where, oh where has my LFPF favicon gone?

10-Apr-2014, 17:18
…oh where, oh where could it be? Lost my little little red bellowed LF camera favicon. Anybody seen it lately? Symptom of the apocalypse? I sure miss it. :(

William Whitaker
10-Apr-2014, 18:22
I was wondering what that was called as I'd wanted to ask about it myself. The current one looks like notation for a square root. If so, it's a radical change. ;)

10-Apr-2014, 18:33
The current favicon (http://www.rangeoflightphotography.com/pages/webmarketing#favicons) is the default for the BB software.

Doremus Scudder
11-Apr-2014, 09:26
I miss it too! Maybe if it's not too much trouble, someone could reinstate it.

11-Apr-2014, 10:12
No wonder I was confused. "What tab it that?"

William Whitaker
12-Apr-2014, 15:34
Looks like it's back.

Ralph Barker
13-Apr-2014, 05:42
Yep, I asked Tom to restore the old file, which gets over-written by the vBulletin favicon when software upgrades are installed.

13-Apr-2014, 09:34
Oh, thank goodness! …the sleepless nights I've suffered, the constant wondering, not knowing. The very thought of my little favey lost in the unfeeling cold among the infinite ether of ones and zeroes within the treacherous web of the internets was almost too much to bear – unwanted, unloved. But alas, all that is important now is that it is home, safe in the mothering embrace of its family. It completes me. :)