View Full Version : Large format lens repair/service in San Francisco

7-Apr-2014, 10:52
Hello guys. Where do you send your lenses for service/repair in the San Francisco Bay Area? I would prefer San Francisco proper as I do not have a car and I'm trying to avoid mailing my lenses. Thanks.

10-Jul-2014, 23:54
Camera Heaven in the Loin, 746 Larkin. Had a lot of smaller stuff worked on there, an RB67, 35mms, etc. Fast turn around (inside a week) when I was last there in 2012.
Glass Key Photo in the Lower Haight, 442 Haight Street does repairs, I just went there for the first time a few weeks ago. It's like the San Fran version of Freestyle photographic, just candyland for film shooters. I can't speak for quality or turnaround, but they seem to be knowledgeable.

11-Jul-2014, 07:30
Call Yakov. He's in the sunset. 415-242-4455

11-Jul-2014, 08:25
Karl at Seawood Photo in San Anselmo: http://www.seawood.com/in-house-camera-repair/