View Full Version : Lab suggestions for traditional b/w printing

4-Apr-2014, 05:50
Hello, I have been asked to hang 20 photographs in our local Art Gallery. I would love to be able to shoot and process all of the prints, but I will not have the time. Any suggestions? Possibly 5x7 contact prints in palladium/platinum.

thank you

J Durr Wise
Jackson, Mississippi

4-Apr-2014, 12:46
I don't understand. You've been asked to hang photographs that don't exist yet? Dang, you must be good!

Larry Kellogg
25-May-2014, 10:00
Have you found someone to make palladium/platinum contact prints of your 5x7 negatives? If not, a well respected black and white printer in New York suggested Green Rhino (http://www.greenrhinoinc.com/) for this type of work.