View Full Version : A place to buy film in Chicago IL

3-Apr-2014, 13:01
Just came back from the lomography store in Chicago.
Amazingly, they carry TONS of film, from BW to Chromes, and we spotted some Fuji T64 rolls beating around as well as fuji pack film, and all kinds of other stuff (including 4X5)

They are open long hours and this store is a real brick and mortar, locally owned business that sells nothing but film and film cameras.

More then worth the effort to go there and buy some film if you are local, and give them your business, especially in light of calumet being closed etc....
The 3 times i was there parking was a breeze right in front of the door.

Support them, support film. Buy local, support your community!

3-Apr-2014, 19:52
So why would you praise the store without telling people the name, address, phone number, website, etc?

3-Apr-2014, 20:20
Woops, forgot that on the other site as well:
1422 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60622