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29-Mar-2014, 08:19
Hi all, my first post here, been lurking for a short time and thought I'd take the plunge and sign-up, been admiring the photo's here, stunning.

Recently ditched my digital camera and lenses and now looking/searching for a possible large format land camera etc, just picked up a Mamiya C330 Pro S to get me back into medium format again as I used to shoot a Toyo-View 45C about 25yrs ago.

Been inspired by this site, it's got my large format juices flowing again, thank you all for inspiration!

Best wishes;
central Scotland

Peter De Smidt
29-Mar-2014, 08:38
Welcome! You have a great landscape to photograph.

29-Mar-2014, 10:01
Welcome Peter. That Mamiya should be a great source of fun and good photography. Please share some photos with us once you get shooting.

Colin Robertson
29-Mar-2014, 14:27
Hi Peter. If you've been away from film for a while you're going to find the landscape has changed a lot. There's still a good choice of materials, but the 'Camera Shop' is a thing of the past. Most of us in the UK source materials from a handful of dedicated online specialists. Give us a shout if you want any hints about where to look.
I'm also a Mamiya TLR user- 5x4 is now most of what I do, but sometimes smaller cameras are just the thing!

Andrew O'Neill
29-Mar-2014, 21:13
Hi Peter, welcome to the forum. Whereabouts in Scotland are you from?

29-Mar-2014, 23:53
Originally born in (Belfast) Northern Ireland, been living/working full time in (bonnie) Scotland for nearly five years. We live in a small town called Alloa, around five miles from Stirling, central Scotland.


Andrew O'Neill
30-Mar-2014, 07:57
Well, I'm an O'Neill and my dad's from Invergordon. I wonder where the O'Neill's originated from.... hmmmm....

Steven Tribe
31-Mar-2014, 13:33
There was an enormous amount of mixing-up of DNA between Scotland and Ireland - even before the troubles of the 17th century! So O'Neill, although originally an Irish patronym (son of Neill), could have been a long established surname in Scotland.

Andrew O'Neill
3-Apr-2014, 15:17
Son of Neill... as in King Neill. I knew I had blue blood in my veins! ;)