View Full Version : How many LF shooters in Portugal?

27-Mar-2014, 07:20
I was wondering how many large format photographers are active in Portugal. Not all necessarily wander around here at LFF, but it would be interesting to see how many actually do and somehow see if there is any basis for the creation of a portuguese LF group and/or a meeting.

PS: this thread is not exclusively directed towards portuguese speaking LF photographers. Anyone living in Portugal and actively using LF gear is very much welcome to a possible group/meeting.
PS1: to keep the thread open to other photographers living in Portugal but not really at ease with the portuguese language, and because I think it would be rude of us to speak portuguese in an english speaking forum, I would kindly ask everybody to refrain from writing in portuguese. Thank you!.

27-Mar-2014, 07:36
I use/shoot with LF cameras as well as MF and 135!