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20-Mar-2014, 06:36
Sometimes when doing wetplate you have gremlins that cause unusual flaws. The trick is to troubleshoot the flaw, and get the next plate to be good. During this session I shot 5 plates, the first 4 were fine. The last plate I altered my process, ever so slightly, and didn't go with my hunch to switch out one bath. This overexposed, under stopped plate was the result. But I kind of like it, the "flames" in the background are quite blue in real life. I call it "Starry Night" with a nod to Van Gogh, who would have gone crazy faster if he'd done wetplate.


20-Mar-2014, 10:54
Garrett, I like the partial solarization, especially at the skull, and the subtle colors.

Here is one of mine, a self portrait.
Explanation - My darkroom was down, and I had a box of small sheet film.
I generally smeared grease on my face, and in room light pressed the emulsion
side against the right side of my face, then developed in a tray, still in
room light. Fixed, rinsed and later contact printed it.


Obviously, the white areas are those that the developer could not reach.

Is it LF? No, I guess not because no camera was used.

David Swinnard
21-Mar-2014, 08:36
I remember doing the Vaseline and paper thing as a young teenager, having read about making photograms of hands, etc. Vaseline on hand, placed on paper, then exposed. I removed my hand and then gave a short exposure. Results showed full set of finger and palm prints in white with a grey hand on a black background.

This was the '60s. - I think the images is still around in a box in the darkroom somewhere...thanks for reminding me. I will have to dig it out now.

Again, likely not LF - no neg, but 8x10 paper...plc