View Full Version : Post your LF tele images, over 1000 mm

Bernice Loui
14-Mar-2014, 22:48
Since that discussion of really BIG process lenses (1800mm Nikkor & 70 inch Goerz APO Artar). How about some images of large focal length images..

This is a test image was made (some time in the 1990's) using a 1200mm f16 Tele Nikkor, Copal# 3 @ f32 on a 5x7 Sinar C with two tripods and waiting for the wind to stop blowing so hard. Even with a tele designed lens requiring shorter bellows draw, dealing with the size and all of this set up was not simple or easy.


Crop of the center. This is the best of 6 sheets and it has blur due to camera motion.



20-Mar-2014, 18:30
Good idea for a thread.
I keep reading about so many wanting to buy or owning some boffo telephoto lens; I'd like to see what they're doing with those oversize novelty paperweights.

Randy Moe
20-Mar-2014, 19:24
I'm gonna need a doubler.