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4-Mar-2014, 10:22
Lunch (brunch) and print sharing:

Saturday, March 15th @ 11:00

Main Street Bistro and Bakery
316 S. Main Street
Grapevine, Texas 76051


An out-growth of the DFW LF group, we are trying to form the North Texas Film and Darkroom group. (The name is "beta", i.e., subject to change.) We are: "A loose association of photographers who use film and/or a wet darkroom, who gather periodically to make photographs or to view and share their work."

We met in November with 6 people. At that time the consensus was to try print sharing quarterly. The next date was set for February, but proved to have too many conflicts for too many people, so it got postposed to 3/15. In the meantime, we've been out shooting on a couple of occasions. :)

Print sharing is optional. Just come on out and meet up with the group.

Find us on Facebook, of course: "North Texas Film and Darkroom"


("big dog" the roll-film guy)

11-Mar-2014, 05:05