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21-Feb-2014, 06:51
Hi Guys, I would like to introduce you to a new drum scanning service that I have set up using my Heidelberg Tango. Please have a look at http://www.exhibitscan.com



22-Feb-2014, 01:07
Good luck with your business!

May I ask how you made the Tango work with Silverfast? I failed to make it work with Win7 x86 and x64, Ratoc and Adaptec 2930lp?

Lachlan 717
22-Feb-2014, 01:47
Good luck with this, Paul. If I wasn't half a planet away, I'd get you to do some scans.

27-Feb-2014, 11:36
Hi Georgl and Lachlan...thanks for the kind messages..sorry to hear that you are so far away Lachlan...if you are ever in London be sure to bring some negs with you!..Georgle..I managed to get it up and running through perseverance..you have to buy the special Silverfast version at around 2000...thanks again..Paul

Bert Vliegen
9-Mar-2014, 07:03
Hi, I have seen your website and wish you all the best. Your pricing is fair!