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Raymond Bleesz
20-Feb-2014, 18:20
This may not be the correct area, but your input re: my question---plastic envelopes or shrink wrapping---would be appreciated. I have a closet full of matted images ranging from 11x14, 16x20's, 20x24's and some 26x28 as well as a few other irregulars--mostly bw but a few in color.

My collection of images dates from the mid '70's to present. I have saved many images in "Light Impressions" boxes, however, I will be looking forward to "selling" off my matted images singularly at some point in the near future as I have just too many just sitting, boxed---garage blow out sale. So what are your suggestons re: future sales of singular prints either in plastic sleeves or shrink-wrapping. I am not familiar with either or sources. And your experiences in this matter would be appreciated.

Foto Ray

PS: I already have a heat gun (purchased long ago for both early attempts at shrink wrapping (I do not recall how this went) as well as warming up my plastic ski boots)

Jon Shiu
20-Feb-2014, 18:31
Just get the clear envelopes with the resealable adhesive on the bag (not on the flap). www.clearenvelopes.com or clearbags.com


Jim Jones
20-Feb-2014, 20:07
I agree with Jon. It's good to be able to remove the print from the envelope without destroying the envelope. At the one arts & crafts show where I sell, I have photos both in envelopes and framed. The resealable envelopes let me conveniently swap prints into or out of frames as customers desire.

Darin Boville
22-Feb-2014, 20:59
Clear bags have sort of taken over the entire market--and for good reason. They are very clear, little coloration, and they look great. Clients can remove the image from the bag to see it more directly with no harm done. Durable.

Shrink rap looks like Target or Wal-mart.


Jim Andrada
26-Feb-2014, 18:49
Clearbags.com. I like them, so do the folks who buy the prints. Adhesive on the bag, not the flap is really important so you don't accidentally stick the bag to the print/matte.