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6-Feb-2014, 21:32
does anyone know where frame fit got their metal mini dome and super dome frames from.
I need to match some frames I got from them and now they are closed.

Nathan Potter
7-Feb-2014, 09:19
Shoot. Didn't know they closed. I'm in a similar fix. My last order was cut improperly on some units and I've been meaning to order the correct size replacements.

But I don't know where to go either for the dome frames.

Nate Potter, Austin TX.

7-Feb-2014, 20:54
well let's hope someone chimes in and lets us know where to go. I know that the dome and mini dome where made in the USA

7-Feb-2014, 21:51
I received this email from Steve Kress, owner of Frame Fit, back on November 20, 2013.

Dear Frame Fit Co. Customers,

First, I壇 like to thank you for your support and your business. It has been my great pleasure to serve you, and my family & I have deeply appreciated your loyalty these many years.

I have been thinking about retiring for quite some time, and some recent health issues (not to worry, I値l be okay) have accelerated this process for me. So, with sadness, and a little relief, I知 writing this to let you know that Frame Fit Co. has closed its doors for the last time.

The good news is that my friends at pictureframes.com (some of you may know them as Graphik Dimensions Ltd.) are here to meet your needs. I have known the founding family, who still owns & runs the company, for many years. And, I know they値l provide the same care that you received from our company. They now have many of the mouldings we致e been carrying, along with their own vast catalog of choices, so you should have no trouble finding your favorite Frame Fit Co. frames (say that 5 times fast!).

Additionally, as a company founded by Artists almost 50 years ago, they have always had a specialty in serving Artists, Photographers and all other types of Creative Pros. So, not only will you find the frames that work for your needs, but you can also enjoy services that make your business life easier, from giclee printing, to volume discounts and more.

Their wonderful Customer Care Team will be happy to answer any questions you might have, and even recommend new frames from pictureframes.com that you may appreciate. At the very least, I知 sure you値l appreciate their extended hours, including live chat online.

I apologize for any confusion this transition may have caused, but rest assured: you値l be in great hands with Graphik Dimensions Ltd./pictureframes.com. I truly wish you the best of luck in all of your framing and personal endeavors.

Steve Kress

8-Feb-2014, 05:33
I looked at the site and the prices seem to be way way higher than they were before Steve closed up.hthey are made here in the US so someone else has to have them.