View Full Version : Linhof "re-leathering"

Ben Calwell
22-Jan-2014, 17:15
I think I asked this same question a few years ago, but I can't remember the answers I got, and I cannot find it in the archives. I've removed the old leather or leatherette from my old Linhof Technica 5x7. It's down to bare metal, but I don't want to tackle the job of applying new leather, as I'm sure I would end up making a mess of it. Could someone recommend a service that would do a nice, professional job of putting new leather on my camera without charging an arm and a leg?

Bob Salomon
23-Jan-2014, 04:02
Almost any camera repair shop. Try Bob Watkins or Nippon Photoclinic or Pro Camera repair in Charllotsville.