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15-Jan-2014, 20:14
Over the years, I've used Grimes, Flutot and Marshman for various repairs on old shutters. When I needed a repair on a Leica digital, however, I went looking locally and discovered an old-time camera repair guy quite nearby. His bread and butter these days are digital repairs, but he remembers how the mechanical stuff works. I've brought him a number of sick Copals and Ilexes, and have always been happy with the quality of the repair. He's speedy, too - I brought him a jammed Ilex 5 last week and he fixed it in two days. That might be because I walk in and talk about the old days and get a little more attention, so don't expect miracles. Over the phone, you're going to get guarded responses like, "I'll have to look at it", and "I won't make any promises". He's always been honest with me, however, so if you've got a camera problem, you might give him a call.

Jay Cohn
Specialty Photographic Repair Services
629 Fifth Ave #215 Pelham, NY 10803
(914) 738-6500